The End Times are upon us. The Three-Eyed King marches south to war, and the kingdoms of men will fall. The dwarfs are besieged in their mountain holds, and the elves are wracked by a conflict centuries in the making.  Beasts surge forth from the dark forests and daemons caper on the wind.  And the dead…the dead are called to war, by the voice of one even more feared than the Ruinous Powers.

The end of days has begun, and the Undying King has returned to set the world to rights. The Great Work can now begin…


The End Times are coming. As the forces of Chaos threaten to drown the world in madness, Mannfred von Carstein and Arkhan the Black put aside their difference and plot to resurrect the one being with the power to stand against the servants of the Ruinous Powers and restore order to the world – the Great Necromancer himself. As they set about gathering artefacts to use in their dark ritual, armies converge on Sylvania, intent on stopping them. But Arkhan and Mannfred are determined to complete their task. No matter the cost, Nagash must rise again.

The Return of Nagash is now available for preorder via Black Library and Games Workshop. The book will be available as a hardback and as an e-book on August 29th, with preorders shipping on the 25th. An extract is available on the site, and I encourage you to check it out. I’ll be talking more about this, in coming weeks, but for now, go check out the extract and maybe preorder a copy.

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