Hot on the heels of Friday’s news, today sees the release of my new novella, “Dante’s Canyon”, the latest in the ‘Third War for Armageddon’ series from Black Library. Thirty thousand words of rip-roaring, engine-revving, rubber-burning Warhammer 40K action, starring everyone’s favorite chapter of superhuman steppes warriors. 


In the wastes of Armageddon, a strike force of White Scars Space Marines bait their ork enemies into a deadly trap. Luring the greenskins to a promethium refinery, the White Scars prepare to annihilate their foes. But one amongst the sons of Chogoris has a great destiny to fulfil, and Stormseer Kanim must keep him alive, whatever the cost to themselves or their human allies… and whether his brother wishes it or not.

For those keeping count, this marks the third time I’ve written about the White Scars Space Marines. The first was the audio, “Master of the Hunt”, and the second, “Hunter’s Snare”, appeared in the Damocles anthology. While both of those starred Kor’sarro Khan and the White Scars Third Company, this one features the Suboden Khan and the Tulwar Brotherhood, and sees the White Scars fighting the Speed Kults of the ork invaders in the icy northern wastes of Armageddon. 

The novella is available as an electronic download, in either epub or mobi format. There is a free extract available for download as well, if the thought of a White Scars stormseer shoving a lightning bolt up the tailpipe of an ork battlewagon doesn’t make this an insta-buy for you.