There’s a teaser extract from The Return of Nagash available on the Black Library blog, for those interested in such things. It shows the exact moment when Nagash is reborn, in all his grisly glory. Why not go check that out? And if you like what you read, why not preorder the book as well?

7 thoughts on “NAGASH REBORN

  1. I have been reading this all day since the eBook became available. Bravo, sir. So. Awesome. I also have the 4th Edition Undead army book sitting next to me like some unholy artifact to enhance the experience.

  2. Hi Josh,
    Long time fan of your black library works (my favorite one being Sigisvald). Loveing the return of Nagash even though I feel you were a little confined having to include some lip service to all the “playable” races. The high elves come across as the most childish despite being one of the elders! You do vampires and undead good! Where’s abhorash 😉

    • Abhorash is doing his thing, wherever that is. I have a feeling he’ll show up, even if only in a cameo, before the End Times is over, however. And the High Elves aren’t so much childish as arrogant. They’ve seen apocalypses come and go, and as far as they know, this is just one more war against Chaos. Glad you’re enjoying it though!

      • Got to live hubris! I suppose the elves are full of that.

        I must say I enjoyed the battle between the purple puppet faced vampire with a knack for counting and a rat which reminded me of a certain green monkey on a show about girls fighting crime trying to save the world 😉 intentional pop culture references? I haven’t noticed them in you black library work before.

      • Everything I write is liberally strewn with references to pop culture, be it current or dated. 🙂 I like referencing stuff, as long as it doesn’t take away from the story.

        You’re the first person to get those, that I know of, btw, so congratulations!

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