The Nine Tracks of Nagash: The (Unofficial) Mannfred von Carstein Mixtape

 Strange as it may sound, I really like Mannfred von Carstein. There’s something about his single-minded megalomania that puts him right up there with Cobra Commander and Megatron in the pantheon of pop culture villainy. He’s not an antihero or a tragic villain, really. There’s tragedy in his past, sure, and he’s capable of courageous acts in the service of his desires, but those things are buried beneath six feet of petty, spite-filled malice.

And, whatever else has happened, whatever else is revealed, the End Times are his fault. He started the countdown to doomsday the minute he set his sights on bringing the Undying King back from beyond the veil of night. And for that, he deserves his own soundtrack, unofficial though it may be.

Whenever I sit down to write a book like Return of Nagash, I like to put together a mixtape or two to serve as a soundtrack. Certain characters might even get their own selection of songs, to get me in the mood while I write their scenes. Mannfred, being both the hero AND the villain of Return of Nagash, got nine songs. Y’know, because there are nine books of Nagash?

Look, it made sense at the time.

Anyway, I’ve embedded the tracks in question below. Enjoy!