Kiss The Ring: The (Unofficial) Vlad von Carstein Mixtape

Chris Wraight’s The Fall of Altdorf, the next volume in the End Times series, is now available for preorder, and to celebrate I decided to put together a third (unofficial) End Times mixtape, this time centering on one of its main characters, Big Daddy Fangs himself, Vlad von Carstein. You can find the previous two (unofficial) mixtapes, ‘The Nine Tracks of Nagash’ and ‘The Baddest Man (Un)Alive’ here and here, respectively.

Vlad, like Mannfred and Arkhan, is a character I have a tremendous amount of affection for, though for different reasons. Mannfred is pragmatic, and Arkhan is cynical, but Vlad is an optimist. He’s a king without a kingdom, a husband without a wife, and a man without allies, but for him, those are merely problems he hasn’t solved yet.

After all, once you’ve conquered death, everything else is easy.



2 thoughts on “Kiss The Ring: The (Unofficial) Vlad von Carstein Mixtape

  1. OK… ‘Lick the Knife’ by Bloody Monk Consortium. Really wish Vlad hadn’t done that :-/ He was doing so well.

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