Free Halloween Treat-“The Faceless Fiend”

Giving away free stories is something of a tradition of mine, especially when it comes to the holidays. Last Halloween, for instance, I gave away a little snippet called “The d’Erlette Configuration”, a Royal Occultist story which owed a small tip of the hat to a certain film series. This Halloween, I decided to follow the same format, and pit the Royal Occultist against another favorite movie monster of mine–the murderous, ambulatory brain.


The above image is from a brilliant little cinematic gem called Fiend Without a Face, which is, without a doubt, the best man-eating brain movie to come out of the 1950s. Based on a 1930 short story by Amelia Reynolds Long (“The Thought Monster”), the film is a fast-moving little caper, with plenty of creepy sound effects and a surprising amount of gore. As is my tongue-in-cheek homage, “The Faceless Fiend”.

“The Faceless Fiend” sees St. Cyprian and Gallowglass go up against a monstrous killing thought, summoned by a combination of higher mathematics, devilish incense and illicit carpentry, in a Seven Dials garret. Like last year’s story, it’s absolutely free. Too, feel free to share this post, retweet, etc. “The Faceless Fiend” is available in several formats, mostly because I just downloaded Calibre, and I want to see whether or not I can get it to work. So, I apologize in advance if these are a bit fiddly. Just contact me if there are any problems, and I’ll get you a readable copy posthaste.

Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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  1. It’s nice that you are providing your readers and followers with these stories. But I would really love to read all such shorter works between two covers. Any chance of that happening in near future?

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