A Story of Moment

It’s Monday, and that means there’s a new digital short story available to download from Black Library. In this case, it’s by me, and features the Old World’s deadliest duo, Gotrek and Felix. 


From the Black Library site:

Long before the End Times, when Gotrek Gurnisson’s doom was still many years away, he and his Rememberer Felix Jaeger found themselves in all manner of adventures and scrapes. Here is one previously untold story… As the heroic duo travel through the Border Princes, a drunken night coupled with Gotrek’s dwarfish lust for gold leads to him agreeing to a marriage – for Felix. With a halfling. Gotrek is determined that this will be a “marriage of moment”, allowing an unamused Felix to abandon his diminutive wife afterwards, but will she see it that way? And just what is the mysterious Jabas that the villagers are so scared of? Will hilarity ensue from this wedding… or horror?

“Marriage of Moment” is available for download directly from the Black Library site. And if you like what you read, why not check out my other Gotrek and Felix short stories, including “Berthold’s Beard” and “Blood Sport”, as well as the novella, “Charnel Congress”?

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