Leviathan’s Shadow

Another Monday, another new story. Last time, it was a comedy caper with the Old World’s dynamic duo, Gotrek and Felix. This time, we’re travelling to the year 40,000, and the far side of the galaxy with Varro Tigurius, Chief Librarian of the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter


From the blurb:

Far from the war-torn Cryptus system, the shadow of the Leviathan falls on a world under the protection of the Ultramarines. As his warriors lead a desperate rearguard to allow the world’s citizens to evacuate, Chief Librarian Tigurius tackles a monstrous new presence – a beast whose psychic powers threaten to overwhelm even him. Can he survive his first encounter with this creature, or will he be lost to the might of the hive mind?

You should totally pick up a copy of the story to find out the answer to that question. It’s available via the Black Library site. Also, for those keeping track, this makes for three founding Space Marine Chapters I’ve written about…

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