Cyber Monday Shenanigans

It’s Cyber Monday, which is not to be confused with…well, every other day of the week. Today is the day that you buy things online, as opposed to Black Friday, which is for wrestling old people for iPhones in the K-Mart. So, to that end, here are some things of mine you can buy online. 



Literally everything I’ve written, you can buy online. Pick a thing, off this list here, and buy it. Or go to, find my Author’s Page, and buy a thing off of that. Anything. All of it helps. Failing that, go to and buy something of mine from them. Electronic, print, MP3, whatever.

Want me to be more specific? Okay. How about this? Or this? What about this one? Or even…this? Any of those. Maybe this as well?

All of it’s available online. Some of it’s even for sale. Most of it is pretty cheap.

Oh, and here: have some free stories to celebrate your impending purchases.

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