Seven Heart Beats

As you might recall, or might not, depending on how closely you follow this blog, a while back I sold a story called “Seven Heart Beats”. Unfortunately, the anthology that it was due to appear in will not be coming out, and all of the stories were released to find new homes elsewhere. Which, luckily, it did.

I’m happy to say that “Seven Heart Beats” is a part of issue 8 of Black Treacle Magazine, which just came out today. Which is a bit of serendipity, as the story is an unofficial sequel to  “Rattlesnake Eyes” (in that it features the same (unlucky) family and Appalachian setting, and while you don’t have to read the one to enjoy the other, I encourage you to do so) which appeared in issue 1 of the same magazine.

“Seven Heart Beats” was an interesting one to put together. For the Bass stories, I’ve always had an unstated rule: Nothing But Ghosts. After all, what sort of ghost-breaker fights vampires? But sometimes you just got to break a rule for a good cause, i.e. money. So this time out, Bass faces off with something a bit different–a monstrous spirit out of Cherokee lore.  I was quite pleased with the way the story turned out, and I’m happy that folks will get a chance to read it. And if you read it, and enjoy it, why not check out the other stories featuring John Bass, Ghost-Breaker?

Issue 8 of Black Treacle is available in EPUB and MOBI, among other formats, and all for free. Besides my effort, it also includes stories by David Annandale and Sean Moreland. Go download yours today.