Enyalius, In Memoriam

The Black Library Advent Calendar continues to deliver new stories, and this past Sunday saw a second entry from me, hot on the heels of Wednesday’s outing with Fabius Bile. “Enyalius, In Memoriam” is short and sweet, and revolves around the funerary practices of the traitorous Space Marines of the World Eaters Legion.


From the blurb:

Marakitedes, berserker of the traitorous World Eaters, fights on the hull of an Imperial starship. Battling the vessel’s beleaguered crew and the warriors of the Ultramarines, he is fighting not just for the thrill of combat or to feed the Butcher’s Nails, but to honour his fallen brother, Enyalius, and send him to Khorne with a mighty host of skulls.

“Enyalius, In Memoriam” is available as a digital download from the Black Library site. And be sure to check out the rest of the Advent offerings, while they’re still available.

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