Two New (Advent) Reviews

Over at the Track of Words review blog, Michael Dodd has kindly taken it into his head to review this year’s Advent offerings from Black Library, including my two entries

From the review of “Repairer of Ruin”:

…it’s a twenty-minute slab of pure fun, the ever-impressive voice cast bringing Fabius to maniacal, egotistical life as he chatters away more or less to himself even while he’s busy killing Sons of Horus.

From the review of “Enyalius, In Memoriam”:

Short, sweet and standalone, this shows a slightly different side to the World Eaters to how they’re usually portrayed.

Why not go check out those, as well as the rest of the Advent reviews? And if you liked what you read, why not pop over to the Black Library site and download one or both?

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