And the First Story of 2015 is…

Drum roll please…

“Evil Fruit”, appearing in the Monk Punk/Shadow of the Unknown Omnibus, courtesy of Hazardous Press and editor Aaron J. French.


“Evil Fruit” sees the soldier-turned-monk (and time-traveler) Bartolomeo Corsi descending into the depths of a cursed monastery in order to confront a horror out of black eons. The story itself is an homage to some of my favorite writers, including Ellis Peters, Brian Lumley, and William Hope Hodgson.

It’s also yet another tie-in to one of my favorite Lovecraftian stories, “The Shadow Out of Time”. I’ve written three other stories with a similar connection–“The Pnakotic Puzzle”, “The Romero Transference” and “Time’s Black Gulf”. All of those stories (including “Evil Fruit”) take place in the same shared universe, by the by. If you were keeping track of that sort of thing, I mean.

The book is available via Amazon, in both print and Kindle format.