Murder Island

I love that title. No lie.

Murder Island will be my third Executioner novel (writing under the aegis of Don Pendleton), and that title could not be more appropriate. Lots of murder, one island, this August. 


From the blurb:

On an uncharted island in the Indian Ocean, a psychotic hunter stalks the most dangerous prey: man. His newest target is an international arms dealer, a criminal who was in CIA custody when his plane was shot down. Sent in to locate the missing prisoner, Mack Bolan finds himself caught in the same trap.

But Bolan isn’t the only one trying to secure the arms dealer. A team of mercenaries has joined the game, and they’re playing to win. Hunted by the mercs, a psychopath’s army and the island’s deadly animal life, Bolan will need every tactic in his arsenal to recapture the prisoner and put an end to a maniac’s big game hunt.

I’m going to be honest here–this one was a lot of fun to write. Mack Bolan fights a tiger AND a saltwater crocodile (not at the same time…though now that I think about it, that was a missed opportunity), as well as the most hard luck mercenaries in the world.

I may also have taken a few liberties with the laws of man and physics.

Anyway, Murder Island will be out in August, available in all finer bookstores and online retailers, including Amazon.

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