Weird Heroes

My second fictive offering of 2015, “Hairy Shanks”, is now available for all interested parties thanks to the good people at Pro Se Press. It’s the first installment in the ‘WEIRD HEROES’ series–a series which I hope will prove to be a very successful entry in Pro Se’s Single Shot Signatures line.

HairyShanks From the blurb:

When a worker is savagely attacked in the Thames section of the London Tunnel Authority, Charles St. Cyprian, in his role as Royal Occultist, is summoned. He, along with his apprentice Ebe Gallowglass, are no strangers to the unusual and terrifying, but find themselves tackling something neither expected. A phantom of such savage power that it absolutely in no way is or was ever human. Charles St. Cyprian faces a haunting most primal when he faces Hairy Shanks!

As mentioned above, “Hairy Shanks” is the first installment in the WEIRD HEROES series, and it features the Royal Occultist, Charles St. Cyprian. Further installments will feature different protagonists, including old favorites like the American Automaton, Mr. Brass, the Ghost Breaker, John Bass as well as a few new, never before seen heroes, all of whom fit the sobriquet ‘weird’, all written by yours truly. There’ll be a new installment every three months or thereabouts, making for four all new, never before published short stories a year.

“Hairy Shanks” is available to download via and Smashwords.

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