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Recently, reviewer Dave Brzeski was kind enough to take a look at The Vril Agenda, the novel I co-wrote with my good friend/partner-in-crime Derrick Ferguson, for the British Fantasy Society. The Vril Agenda features a team-up between old pulp hero Jim Anthony, Super-Detective and Derrick’s New Pulp action-hero, Dillon, as they join forces to defeat the malign menace of the man known as Sun-Koh

From the review:

It’s a fast-paced, action-packed pulp novel. The authors, and their characters, blend together seamlessly…Derrick Ferguson has been added to the growing list of authors I’ll be looking out for more work by. Josh Reynolds was, of course, already on that list.

Ain’t that sweet? So yeah, why not go check that review out in its entirety, and then maybe mosey on over to Amazon.com, your favorite international subsidiary thereof, or the independent bookseller of your choice and pick up a copy today. Derrick and I would appreciate it muchly.

And, if you’ve already read it, why not check out more of Dillon’s adventures, or even my own recent contribution to the Super-Detective’s case-files? And while you’re at it, why not check out the definitive take on Sun-Koh, by Dr. Art Sippo?

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