The Daemon of Speed

Who remembers “Master of the Hunt”, my Space Marine Battles audio from last year? Anybody? Bueller? It had a certain brightly-hued cacodaemoniacal biker in it, and the white-armored riders of Chogoris? No? That’s okay. It came and went without so much as a howdy, really.* Anyway, Michael Dodd over at Track of Words reviewed it.From the review:

While it’s great to have stories in this setting which try to justify what’s happening and provide some form of logical backdrop, like Mortarion’s Heart, sometimes all you want is a good old-fashioned bit of action and excitement. That’s exactly what Master of the Hunt delivers – there are no clever narrative devices here, no time jumps or intertwined character arcs, just lots of Space Marines on bikes and in aircraft fighting against various entertainingly-evil Chaos minions…

It really makes my day when a reader (or reviewer) gets it, you know? This was one of those times where I wasn’t trying to be clever, or subtle. I was just trying to write the most Metal script ever, with lots of guitar solos and explosions and improbable motorcycle antics. Granted, Michael isn’t the only one to get what I was going for. Heck, there’s even a really neat video where two guys discuss it:


If any of the above has you revving your engines to listen to “Master of the Hunt”, well, good news! It’s still available from Black Library all by it’s lonesome as a downloadable mp3 or as part of the Space Marine Battles: Audio Drama Collectionwhere it comes with a whole host of other great guns-blazing audio adventures. So why not download a copy today?

* This is a lie. No less than six Warhammer 40K fan forums called for my head on a stick after this audio came out. To this day, I’m known as ‘that hack who killed Doomrider’ on certain forums. You have no idea how happy this makes me.