So. Here’s the thing. I don’t share my opinions very often. At all, really. I have my reasons, but occasionally, people–readers, fans, friends, vaguely interested parties–ask me to write about something other than myself. I have done so in the past, and I may do so again, in the future, but by and large I’m not interested in it. That said, the question came up again, recently, due to this thing which is making the rounds. Other people have shared their thoughts on it, but someone wrote to me asking why I don’t write about more topical subjects on this blog. So here it is. 

I don’t share my opinions about politics, religion, social issues, or the latest genre kerfuffles on this site for one simple reason…I’m not one for debate. I don’t like to argue. Now, that ain’t to say I won’t, when I deem it necessary–but in general, I’m not a fan of verbal conflict. Nonspecific mockery is more my thing. Or punching. But not arguing.

My opinions are mine, yours are yours, and never the twain shall meet, at least in this particular forum. And this is because I believe that when one shares an opinion in public, one is inviting debate, or at the very least, conversation.

This blog is, for the moment, not for that. It is for self-promotion. It is, literally, the minimum a writer can get away with these days–a low-maintenance hub, where people interested in my work can come and find something new to read, or find information on something they already want to read. In the future, it might become more, but for now, it is what it is.

That said, if you do find yourself dying to know my opinions on the state of the genre, or what I think about the whole Sad Puppies thing, or my feelings on Lindsey Graham not using email, you should feel free to ask me. I’m happy to have those conversations. That’s what the ‘Ask Me a Question’ page is for. Go for it.

2 thoughts on “Opinionated

  1. I’m of the same mind-set as you, Josh. Which is the main reason why I set up my USIMI DERO Facebook page so that I could keep my personal FB page for…well, personal stuff so that people who care about that sort of stuff don’t have to be subjected to the waves of self-promotion. I don’t get into very many discussions about religion, politics and such. Generally I’ll just make a statement or repost an article that expresses my point of view and leave it at that.

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