Atomic Power

Brian Sammons, one of the editors for Chaosium’s long-awaited anthology, Atomic Age Cthulhu, has released a look at the new cover art. For a sneak-peek, pull back the curtain…


No word on when exactly the book will be out. But, soon, probably, maybe. It’s a pretty cover, anyway.

I’ve spoken about the table of contents before (almost three years ago! The time does fly…), but, in light of some recent short stories, I thought I’d speak a bit about my contribution, “The Romero Transference”.

“The Romero Transference” is the latest story to feature the enigmatic Indrid Cold, a waxen-faced Federal agent whose off-the-rack suit hides nightmarish secrets. Cold has worked with the American government since the day he turned up announced in Thomas Jefferson’s private study at Monticello in 1776. But Cold serves other interests besides those of America, including those of the watchers out of time, and his own secretive brotherhood. In “The Romero Transference”, Cold endeavors to help the US military prepare for the inevitable, as the Cold War threatens to turn hot…

Cold has featured in four stories to date, counting this one: “The Yoth Protocols”, “Time’s Black Gulf” and “The Pnakotic Puzzle” complete the set, so far.