A Grimoire of Eldritch Authors

As you might recall, this past week saw the release of A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquestsan anthology of occult detective fiction from Emby Press, edited by myself and Miles Boothe. The book contains twenty-two tales of murder, magic and mayhem, by some of the best authors working today, including Black Library alumni like CL Werner and David Annandale, New Pulp names like Thomas Deja, and Lovecraftian virtuoso Robert M. Price. For a full table of contents, peek below the cut. 

Introduction by Bob Freeman

“Deck the Halls” by Mike Chinn

“Freak Show” by Russell Proctor

“Memento Morbid” by C. L. Werner

“The Avatar of Darkness” by Robert M. Price

“The Devil’s Mud Pack” by Neil Baker

“Matt Brimstone, P.I.” by Christine Morgan

“An Unanchored Man” by Tim Prasil

“That the Wicked Shall be Welcome” by Lee Clark Zumpe

“The Broken Choir” by David Annandale

“The Vorpal Tomahawk” by Joel Jenkins

“Bump in the Night” by Justin Gustainis

“Body of Proof” by Thomas Deja

“Trace” by DJ Tyrer

“The Red Brotherhood” by Scott Chaddon

“Wished Away” by Lizz C. Schulz

“Cinder & Smoke” by Antonio Urias

“Murder on the Feng Shui Express” by Jason Andrew

“Aftermath III” by Glynn Owen Barrass

“The Stain” by Damir Salkov

“The House in Angell Street” by Rory O’Brien

“The Inuit Bone” by William Meikle

“Vinnie de Soth and the Vampire Definition” by I.A. Watson

A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests is now available in electronic format. Trade and hardback versions are forthcoming. Grab your copy today, on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.