Eldritch Investigators

The digital edition of the first volume of A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests has been out for almost a month now, and with the trade and hardback editions imminent, I decided that now was a good time to introduce readers to some of the occult investigators who populate these twenty-two tales of mystery and monsters. To that end, in the coming weeks I’ll be hosting a number of guest-posts by authors such as Tim Prasil, I.A. Watson and William Meikle, where they talk a bit about the likes of Vera Van Slyke, Vinnie de Soth and Derek Adams.

So join me every Friday, starting this week, for a look at the eldritch investigators who pit their wits, wiles and weaponry against the forces of darkness. Up first, a look at Dame Arabella Letifer, who appears in “The Broken Choir” by David Annandale!

A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests: Occult Detective Monster Hunter,Volume 1, edited by Josh Reynolds and Miles Boothe, with an introduction by Bob Freeman, is now available in digital format. Trade and hardback versions are forthcoming. Grab your copy today, on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

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