‘Final Assault’. As titles go, it’s appropriate enough, if a bit misleading.

Final Assault will be my fourth (and likely final) contribution to the long-running Executioner series, under the nom de plume (or should that be nom de guerre?) of Don Pendleton.  One boat, two dozen killers, this December.9780373644452_SMP

From the blurb:

Not all publicity is good publicity. Especially when the fake hijacking of the world’s first self-sustaining vessel turns into the real deal. With the ship and its cargo being auctioned off to terrorists, Mack Bolan must rescue the hostages and destroy the vessel before it falls into even more dangerous hands.

Joining Somali pirates on a raid gets Bolan on board, but getting off alive won’t be so easy. Mercenaries and criminal foot soldiers have taken over, transforming the vessel into a minefield. Bolan will need to act quickly to take control, and with the extraction window closing, the Executioner is ready to turn this ship into the Titanic…

While the Executioner series itself is facing an uncertain future, Final Assault is no climactic send off–rather, as with my other Executioner novels, it’s an action movie in prose form. I briefly considered trying to do a sort of ‘wrap-up’ book, covering all the bases, hitting all the high points of the 400+ book run of the series, but frankly, I’m not the guy for that. So instead, this is just another battle in Mack Bolan’s War Everlasting.

Granted, it’s a battle in which Bolan fights renegade French Foreign Legionnaires, Somali pirates, terrorists, Triad gangsters, white supremacists, and Russian mobsters while aboard a super-yacht. Still, that’s really just a Tuesday for the Executioner, ain’t it?

Final Assault will be out in December, available in all finer bookstores and online retailers, including Amazon.