A Grimoire of Eldritch Investigators: Maybelle Tremens

My guest today is Thomas Deja, writer of “Body of Proof”, featuring Maybelle Tremens, AKA Dreamcatcher. Deja is the author of Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell as well as numerous short stories. You can find out more at http://welcometonocturne.blogspot.co.uk/.

“Witches, warlocks, mages, magicians, shamen….call us what you like.  It’s all the same.  We’ve helped when we can, eluded those too ignorant to understand that magic isn’t evil….and it’s made us sensitive to others who have magic running in their veins.”

Dreamcatcher, as with most of the characters who populated the first Shadow Legion novel, New Roads To Hell, started out as a redesign of a lower level DC character for the fan fiction site DC Omega (pretty much nothing remains of the character Maybelle was based on, although I recognize she has some similarities to another character).  When that fan fiction proposal morphed into an original supernatural super-hero series, Dreamcatcher became the team’s resident mage, splitting her time between fighting on the front lines alongside her life partner, the hunter of the concrete jungle called Black Talon, and researching spells and cantrips in her own private mystical library.

Since I made the decision that The Shadow Legion was part of what I call The Chimera Falls Universe (named after the stand-in for Boston in this world where there are no real cities, just analogs), I decided to tie her into Meredith Tremens, the white witch who is Chimera Falls’ wise old protector in the 60‘s.  It was simple to make Maybelle into Meredith’s sister, compelled to come to Nocturne because something is brewing in The City That Lives By Night…something very big, and very evil.

The Tremens family is unique because the female members of the line have a mystic mutation that allows them to absorb any ambient magical energy around her.  They can then use this energy to fuel their own spells, allowing them to act as the guardians of the line between the natural and supernatural.  Maybelle’s mutation is particularly strong, making her arguably the most powerful of The Shadow Legionnaires.

Here’s the funny thing about Dreamcatcher, though.  Even though she does behave as a super-hero in The Shadow Legion novels, she is uncomfortable with the designation.  I discovered this when I began writing solo stories for each of the Legionnaires.  Unlike the others, Maybelle didn’t behave like a super-hero, eschewing her already street functional costume for what she refers to as her ‘battle coat,’ a long duster with a multitude of hidden pockets that she can secure with ingredients she needs for her spells.  And in the solo stories (of which, to my surprise, there are shaping to be more of than for any Shadow Legion characters) she behaves like a detective, looking into executives who seem to be walking around after they’ve been murdered and locked room mysteries where magic is involved.  If someone or something is abusing the arcane arts to do something sinister in the City of Nocturne, Maybelle Tremens will be there to police it.

Maybelle Tremens The Dreamcatcher appears in New Roads To Hell, the upcoming The Shadow Legion Casebook: The Shape of Fears To Come, and in stories in A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests and Strange and Cozy.

A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests: Occult Detective Monster Hunter,Volume 1, edited by Josh Reynolds and Miles Boothe, with an introduction by Bob Freeman, is now available in digital format. Trade and hardback versions are also available. Grab your copy today, on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.