New Worlds, Lost Places

This coming Monday (June 15th, 2015) will see the release of the long awaited Professor Challenger: New Worlds, Lost Places, an anthology dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s irascible Professor George Edward Challenger. The table of contents includes my story, “Time’s Black Gulf”, which finds Lord John Roxton and Edward Malone joining forces with Carnacki the Ghost-Finder to rescue Professor Challenger from an eons-old conspiracy.


To celebrate this monumental release, the publisher, EDGE Science-Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, has decided to make it an all day event, courtesy of Facebook:

Join us for the official ToC reveal and E-Book Launch Event for “Professor Challenger: New Worlds. Lost Places” edited by Charles Prepolec, and J. R. Campbell.

Ask the authors questions! Learn more about the stories! Join the Adventure!

About the Anthology

Professor Challenger: New Worlds, Lost Places

Release Dates:
E-book: June 15, 2015 (all formats)
CANADA: July 15, 2015 (Print Edition)
USA: August 15, 2015 (Print Edition)

“Science seeks knowledge! Let the knowledge lead us where it will, we still must seek it! To know once and for all what we are, why we are, where we are, is that not in itself the greatest of all human aspirations?” – Professor G. E. Challenger, When the World Screamed

Brilliant, belligerent and bearded in equal measure, incapable of suffering fools, or journalists, gladly, the greatest scientific mind of his generation – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor George Edward Challenger returns in ten all-new tales of scientific adventure and wonder. He is the discoverer of The Lost World, the prophet of The Poison Belt, the destroyer of The Disintegration Machine, and the man who made the World Scream! Who can deliver mankind from the shackles of ignorance? Who else but that great self-proclaimed champion of science? We give you, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the one, the only, Professor George Edward Challenger!

Featuring stories by: Guy Adams & James Goss, Lawrence C. Connolly, Mark Morris, Josh Reynolds, John Takis, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Stephen Volk, Wendy N. Wagner, Andrew J. Wilson and J. R. Campbell. With an introduction by Christopher Roden.

This original anthology, from the authors and editors who brought you the Gaslight Sherlock Holmes series, sees Challenger and his stalwart companions including the reporter Malone, big game hunter Lord John Roxton and the skeptical colleague Professor Summerlee, travel across space and witness the ravages of time, narrowly eluding a dinosaur’s bite only to battle against the invasive red bloom of alien foliage, and then plunge deep into the mysteries hidden within the Earth and reach out to the moon and into the heart of the unknown. Strap yourself in for chills, thrills, and challenges to the unknown in exciting new worlds and lost places with literature’s foremost scientific adventurer.

So why not head over to the ‘online TOC reveal and author chat’ event page and check it out?