It appears I have several short stories coming around for a second pass in the near future. If you missed them the first time, now’s your chance to give them a try.

“Eliza” will appear in Apotheosis: Stories of Survival After the Rise of the Elder Gods, forthcoming from Simian Publishing. A complete table of contents can be found here. “Eliza” was first published in issue 10 of the Lovecraft eZine. 

“Sign of the Salamander”, a Royal Occultist story, has been reprinted in issue 6 of Strange Detective Stories, courtesy of Rainfall Books. The story first appeared in issue 3 of Fantasy & Fear from Pro Se Press.

“The Dreaming Dead”, another Royal Occultist story, will appear (in translated form) in Volume 2 of Nightland Quarterly, a Japanese-language magazine. The story first appeared in the anthology Horror for the Holidays, from Miskatonic River Press.

So, if you missed them when they were first published, keep an eye out.