The Wolf in the Corn

The newest issue of the Lovecraft eZine is now available to read for free, and it includes my story, “Seeking Whom He May Devour”, as well as stories by Simon Kurt Unsworth, Sam Gafford and more.


“Seeking Whom He May Devour” is a sort-of-kind-of sequel to “Corn-Wolf”, an earlier story of mine, which appeared in issue 11 of the now-sadly defunct horror magazine, Necrotic Tissue way back in 2010. The Corn-Wolf itself was also obliquely referenced in my novel, The Whitechapel Demon. 

Too, Jackapo County, South Carolina, has served as a setting for a number of my horror stories, including most of those featuring the backwoods ghost-breaker, John Bass. It’s a nasty place, full of nasty things. The Corn-Wolf is only one of ’em…so check it out, and if you enjoyed the story, be sure to leave a comment here or at the Lovecraft eZine.