Weird Heroes Again

“Pittailiniq”, the second installment of my irregular ‘WEIRD HEROES’ short fiction series is now available for download, courtesy of the folks at Pro Se Press.


From the blurb:

Something evil has taken hold of a trading post in the far north, something that has devoured every man, woman, and beast inhabiting the place. Now it is up to Ukaleq, an Inuit holy man, to put it right. The land has become pittailiniq, a sour, ruined place, and while it may be too late to save the people, Ukaleq might just be able to save the land – if not himself…

For those keeping track, this is the second appearance of the Inuit angakkuq, Ukaleq. He first popped up in the story, “The Teeth of Winter”, in last year’s Pulpwork Press Christmas Special, where he aided the Royal Occultist in putting the kibosh on a monstrous wendigo. In “Pittailinq” he faces a similar evil, when an ancient horror is awakened at a remote trading post.

“Pittailiniq” is available for download via and Smashwords.