An Expedition to Tsang

April Moon Books has released their newest anthology, Ill-Considered Expeditions, which includes my story “An Incident at the Plateau of Tsang”. 


From the blurb:

This will be a voyage of discovery for all concerned as successive teams of hapless explorers fall foul of the elements and monstrosities lurking in  shadowy caves, hidden temples, icy tombs and even alien planets.

From steamy jungles and back waters to unexplored islands and mysterious woodlands, researchers investigate alien artifacts and mysterious creatures, while others probe interdimensional portals, oblivious to the dangers.

Some are motivated by the romance of discovery, others by the heady intoxication of greed, but all are doomed when their  forays into the unknown world become terrifying tales of ILL-CONSIDERED EXPEDITIONS!

“An Incident at the Plateau of Tsang” is set in Outer Mongolia in the 1920s. It’s loosely based on the atrocious career of Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, an anti-Bolshevik Russian officer-turned-warlord, who rose to power in the aftermath of the Russian Civil War and ran riot across Mongolia for a few bloody years until his death at the hands of his own officers. While the protagonist of my story isn’t Ungern-Sternberg, they’re of a type: brutal men, determined to achieve their ends by any means necessary…even if that means bargaining with the devilish inhabitants of a hidden city…

You can pick up a copy of the book from or directly from the publisher.