The Astral Trail of the Great Psychagogue

Black Coat Press has released Sar Dubnotal 2: The Astral Trail, a new anthology featuring the exploits of the Great Psychagogue and globe-trotting occult detective, Sar Dubnotal, including my story, “The Swine of Gerasene”. 


From the blurb:

From the sun-bleached streets of Tunis to the bottom of the seas, from the sordid back alleys of Paris to the blood-drenched trenches of the Somme, Sâr Dubnotal, the Great Psychagogue, his disciple Rudolph, his medium Gianetti Annunciata, and his trio of assistants, Frank, Fréjus and Otto, pursue evil wherever it hides.

The evil hypnotist Tserpchikopf, the monstrous Cthulhu, the diabolical Doktor Von Meyer, the vengeful wraith of Ligeia and the malevolent Helen Vaughn are amongst the foes they face in this volume.

Published anonymously in 1909 in a series of French pulp magazines, the Sâr Dubnotal series features one of the first superheroes of the supernatural. This collection includes one original, never translated before Sâr Dubnotal story and eleven exploits of the Great Psychagogue penned by seven modern masters of popular fiction.

My story, “The Swine of Gerasene”, previously appeared in volume 10 of Tales of the Shadowmen and sees Sar Dubnotal fighting alongside several other occult detectives against the timeless menace of the man-monster known as Count Magnus and a bevy of horrors from the darkest corners of time and space.

The anthology is available from the publisher.