A Treat (or Five) For Halloween

It’s that time of year…the leaves have changed color. The air is crisp and the moon is bright. Noon goes quickly, twilight lingers and midnight stays. That’s right, it’s Halloween, and if you’re a regular around these parts, you know what that means…a free Royal Occultist story to celebrate the season!

As with the previous two stories-“The d’Erlette Configuration” and “The Faceless Fiend”-this year’s eldritch offering, “The Creature from the Abysmal Sea” has its origins in the shadowy depths of the silver screen. Specifically, the Creature from the Black Lagoon (and, to a lesser extent, its sequels). Granted, it’s not exactly a subtle homage, but it’s not that sort of story. Instead it’s a rousing romp through the black guts of London, as St. Cyprian and co. hunt down a horror from an unearthly sea. And you can read it right now if you download this PDF containing “The Creature from the Abysmal Sea” AND “The d’Erlette Configuration” AS WELL AS “The Faceless Fiend” for ABSOLUTELY FREE. What are you waiting for?

If that’s not enough, why not check out these two Royal Occultist stories set firmly in the October Country: “The Gotterdammerung Gavotte” and “The Bells of Northam”. Both are free to read or listen to, courtesy of the Lovecraft eZine.

And if you’re still hungry for some Halloween goodies, why not check out these monstrous essays I wrote a few years ago?

“A New and Terrible Juggernaut of Destruction”-concerning the evolution of Karloff’s Frankenstein monster.

“We Didn’t Come Here to Fight Monsters, We’re Not Equipped for It!”-concerning the gill-man and his function.

Happy Halloween folks. May all your candy bars be full size and devoid of razorblades.