The Bard and the Beast

Imagine if it had been William Shakespeare, England’s greatest playwright, who had discovered the truth about the Great Old Ones and the cosmic entity we know as Cthulhu, rather than the American author Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Imagine if Stratford’s favourite son had been the one to learn of the dangers of seeking after forbidden knowledge and of the war waged between the Elder Gods in the Outer Darkness, and had passed on that message, to those with the eyes to see it, through his plays and poetry.

Welcome to the world of Shakespeare vs Cthulhu! An anthology of tales of cosmic horror and the Elizabethan men and women who find themselves battling to resist the call of Cthulhu.

Edited by Jonathan Green and featuring brand new stories by the likes of James Lovegrove, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Graham McNeill, Josh Reppion, Andrew Lane, and Ian Edginton. And, well, me. Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Oh, and be sure to check out the Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu Facebook page to keep up to date on everything.

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