Merry Krampus Eve

It’s the eve before Christmas Eve and nowhere close to Krampusnacht (which is December 5th, if you were wondering), and while no one with any sense is reading this, I decided to pretend as if you were. To that end, and to say thanks for sticking with me through 2015, I’ve decided to offer up a free story for your edu-tainment. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Plus, it’s one of my favorites. I tend to dig it out every year, in one fashion or another.

“Krampusnacht” first appeared as a free Christmas giveaway in 2010, and was the first Royal Occultist story to see public release. As introductions to characters go, I think it was a pretty good one. It was later reprinted in the Miskatonic River Press anthology, Horror for the Holidays–which is still available, by the way–and then again in The Royal Occultist Primer and The Royal Occultist: Haunted Holidays, both of which are available to download for free.

Which means that if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve already read “Krampusnacht”. But if not, well, here you go. The art, by the way, is from the marvelous MD Jackson.

Download the PDF, pour yourself some eggnog and hit ‘play’ on this thematically appropriate song, by songstress SJ Tucker, that I found.