Super-Sounds for a Super-Detective

I’m pleased to announce that a good many of my Jim Anthony, Super Detective stories are now available for your listening pleasure, via Audible. Ranging anywhere from three to six hours, they’re perfect for long drives, train journeys or even the occasional jaunt by experimental gyrocopter.

The available works include my 2012 novel, The Mark of Terror, my two recent novellas, The Death’s Head Cloud and Red Shambhala, and two short stories, “Death in Yellow” and “The Black Bat at Bay!”, the latter of which finds the Super-Detective on the hunt for the eponymous vigilante.

These stories were immense fun to write, and I hope to do more in the near future, schedule permitting. I’ve said before that writing Jim’s adventures are as close as I’ll get to writing about Doc Savage, but it’s become more than that. There’s a rough sort of joy to a character like this–a billionaire newspaper magnate who can be hunting criminals through the streets of Paris one minute and testing an experimental sub in the Maldives the next. There’s so much potential for fun, entertaining stories there, it boggles the mind.

Anyway, all of the audiobooks are ably narrated by Bob Kern, whose gravelly tones lend a touch of class to the proceedings. They’re available from Audible. Samples are also available, and I encourage you to give them a listen, at least.