Zibaldone #1: Swamp Sessions


Bit for a thing. I dig this stuff something powerful, you know? Especially when it’s happening in the motherland, so to speak. Nothing finer than Caroliner, especially when it comes to monsters. Who needs Bigfoot, we got us a gen-u-ine lizardyman. Even better than that mummy they brought to the state fair that one time.

That mummy was awesome though, no lie.

So, I never saw the Lizardman, though I had a rocking t-shirt with him (it?) on it when I were a lad. I miss that shirt. I passed through Scape Ore Swamp once or twice or half a dozen times before I moved to Ye Olde England, but all I got were mosquito bites. It’s foul old place though. A fen worthy of a hell-beast. Congaree is bigger, but Scape Ore is nastier.

The trees rise wild and the water is so dark it swallows up the light. Time stops in places like that, or at least slows to a crawl. It’s an easy place to get lost in, even if you’re just passing through. Maybe that’s what the Lizardman is…was…just something passing through, that got lost.

Anyway, I’m writing a thing for CRYPTID CLASH! It may, or may not, have a Lizardman in it.


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