WIP Wednesday #7: No Return

Seven weeks. Who’s ready for Halloween?

I’ve reached the halfway point on the Novel-With-No-Name. AKA the point of no return.  It now exists in that nebulous state between completion and ‘God, why isn’t this done?’. It’s a good place to be, really. Three to four more weeks and the first draft will be completed. Then it’s off to the editors for a walloping with the red pen o’ doom.

This week I also started working on a short story to accompany the novel. It features some (but not all) of the characters (of whom there are many) doing plot-referential things. For obvious reasons, I can’t talk about this one either, beyond stating I’m about 4ooo words in. Which means this entry of WIP Wednesday is a short one, I’m afraid.

So that’s what I’m working on. How about you?

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #7: No Return

  1. Well, since you asked, I’m one-fifth done with the first Vera Van Slyke Ghostly Mystery novel proper — that is, if I stick with my chapter outline, and so far, I have.

    The novel is organized into three main sections, and this puts me at the end of the first (relatively short) section. So I’m letting that rest as I write a short play that’s part of a larger play comprised of five interconnected plays. You see.

    Best of luck on your project!

  2. I’m 18000 words in on a story I’d hoped would be 5000 so I could try to get it into a sword and sorcery publisher I’ve had luck with twice before. So that’s that crossed out. I did go through a patch where I thought – my God, the last 2000 words are utter drivel, but that went away when the next night’s writing hit its straps. Not sure what to do with the damn thing now it is near completion, but I’m pretty pleased with it, in its present, flabby state. A good work out in the editing gym then time to walk the streets hoping to flog it to someone…

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