Super-Sounds Redux

Another of my Jim Anthony, Super-Detective stories is now available for your listening pleasure, via Audible. “Proof of Supremacy” sees the Super-Detective join forces with ace G-Man, Dan Fowler, in order to capture a deadly gang of bank robbers before they kill again.

The other available works include my 2012 novel, The Mark of Terror, my two recent novellas, The Death’s Head Cloud and Red Shambhala, and two short stories, “Death in Yellow” and “The Black Bat at Bay!”, the latter of which finds the Super-Detective on the hunt for the eponymous vigilante.

“Proof of Supremacy” is the second of the two crossover stories I wrote for Airship 27. Dan Fowler, like the Black Bat, makes for an interesting contrast to Jim Anthony. Too, the villains for this one were fun to write. Frankly, I’d like to write a few more Super-Detective crossovers…it’d be cool to see Anthony team-up with the likes of Ravenwood, the Domino Lady or Ki-Gor.

Anyway, the new audio, narrated by Mark Finfrock, is available from Audible. Why not give the sample a listen and see if you dig it? And if you do, why not leave a review?