WIP Wednesday #8: Time Flies

Eight weeks in. We’re closing in on March already. How the time do fly.

The Novel-With-No-Name has reached 58,000 words (of 80,000). If you’re good with numbers, that means that I’m 22,000 words from being done with the first draft. So roughly another week and a half to two weeks of work, if all continues on apace and without delay. Which is not bad, all things considered. Six to eight weeks to complete an 80k novel is fairly respectable, I think (I hope). There are authors who work faster, but, eh…they ain’t me and I ain’t them, so I’m content with my humdrum pace.

Progress on the Short-Story-With-No-Name has been a bit slower. I’m only about 6k (0f 10k) words in, rather than, y’know, finished. Irksome, but not unexpected. The delay is mostly due to me trying to figure out what sort of story it is…is it a done-in-one, a connective vignette, a glorified prologue? A horror story? A heist movie? Both, neither, something entirely different? That said, I think I’m going to let the characters do the talking on this one. Rather than trying to force it into some sort of predetermined shape, I’m just going to let it be what it is. Characters doing characterful things at one another in (hopefully) thematic contrast.

I also managed to get “Scholar’s Fire” submission-ready this weekend, managing to cap it off at about 3,500 words–short and to the point. It doesn’t spend a lot of time bringing the reader up to speed, which is a bit of a risk. But hey, it’s got a lizard made of fire in it–that tells you all you need to know, really. Besides that, I revised a pitch for a novella I’ll be writing later this year, and made notes for a few potential short stories.

Next week I’m hoping to get back to The Sea-Leopard. I’d like to have the draft finished by April, but then, back in January, I was hoping to have it finished in February. At this point, it’ll be finished when I’ve got the spare time.

So that’s what I’ve been working on. What about you?