Monday Ripper

A lonely train winds its way towards an isolated Cornish village. Six people share a compartment. One pulls out a deck of cards, and proposes a wager. Somewhere, a wolf howls and the dead gather. What terrible secret will be revealed by the cards? Can the Royal Occultist thwart THE FATES OF DR. FELL?


From the April Moon Books site:

Continuing our tradition of anthologies that celebrate everything that is fun, lurid and sexy about horror, we are delighted to announce the imminent release of Spawn of the Ripper – our love letter to the films of Hammer Horror and Amicus.

This sumptious book contains fourteen stunning tales that could have been ripped from the screen, full of mad scientists, evil monsters, bright red blood and heaving bosoms.

Featuring all new stories from Josh Reynolds, Christine Morgan, Aaron Smith, Pete Mesling, R. Allen Leider, Patrick Loveland, Amy Braun, John McCallum Swain, Coy Hall, DJ Tyrer, Ben Stewart, Jonathan Cromack, John Hunt, Glynn Owen Barrass and Martha Bacon – these authors have embraced the technicolor theme and created startling new visions, all with severed tongues planted firmly in cheeks.

Each story is accompanied by a full-color title page and we are sure you will be delighted to add this anthology to your collection…

I’ve mentioned this story before, I believe. “The Fates of Dr. Fell” is an homage to the old portmanteau films of Amicus and Hammer, filtered through an occult detective lens and featuring werewolves, zombies and plenty of Satanic pandemonium. It was a lot of fun to write, and hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun to read.

Spawn of the Ripper is available from April Moon Books as well as in its various international flavors, in both trade and digital formats. Grab your copy today! And if you enjoy Spawn of the Ripper, why not check out the anthologies, The Dark Rites of Cthulhu and Ill-Considered Expeditions, also from April Moon Books, and also containing stories by me.

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