WIP Wednesday #10: Death March

Get it? Death march? Because it’s March, see. And because this book is going to kill me. Not really, obviously. It’s only week 10, after all. Still plenty more of 2016 left to see, before it comes to its inevitable, messy conclusion.

Anyhow, the Novel-With-No-Name now has a name, thanks to Amazon deciding to spoil the surprise. Thanks, corporate fatcats. So, you know what I’m writing at the moment, if you were paying attention. If you weren’t, well, I’m not going to enlighten you. Do your own research. Wordcount stands at 86,000 words. It has been not-quite six weeks since I started. The final affray has begun, shenanigans are revealed, characters die. Hopefully it will all make sense, but at this point I’m just slapping words down and hoping that they’re spelled right.

It’s not really a death march. I’ve got plenty of time, but my internal editor is screaming at me to get it done and now, because six weeks is too long to spend working on one project. This is what writing to tight deadlines on a regular basis does to you, kids. Not even once. Just say no.

The Short-Story-With-No-Name is sitting tight at 8,500 words. So 1500 words off the word count. I’ve been attacking it in chunks for the past two weeks or so, but it’s reached the point where it just needs to be finished off in one go. That’s not going to happen until the book is finished, hopefully this weekend. It will be interesting to see whether or not the editors let me get away with this one…I reorganized the chronology slightly, for…reasons? Instinct? I dunno. It just seemed like the thing to do. Time (and the editors) will tell.

So that’s what I’ve been working on. How about you?