WIP Wednesday #12: Bones

The title is a hint as to the nature of my current project. Not a subtle one, mind, but, then, subtlety has never been my bag. I write in technicolor, as one reviewer had it. Then, maybe that’s not a bad thing. The subtle knife is all well and good, but sometimes a sledgehammer serves just as well.

Last week I mentioned that I finished the first drafts for the Novel-With-No-Name and its accompanying short story. This week I started another Novel-With-No-Name, shorter than the first. The post title is a nod as to its subject–one I’ve written about before, and recently. It’s always nice to visit old friends. I’d say more, but NDAs, etc.

I’m around 9000 words into it, out of 50,000 or so. Which is pretty quick. Then, it’s had some time to gestate. I was supposed to start it two months ago, but due to various scheduling conflicts (including the previous Novel-With-No-Name) had to postpone work on it until now.  A 50k novel is a different sort of beast to a 80-100k one. Less time to set up the plotline and string it out. The story beats have to come more quickly, the characters have to develop faster. I’ve written a few of these in my time, and I quite enjoy the process, compared to the larger novels.

Story-wise, I started and finished a new short, “The Last Song of Iranon”, over the weekend. It’s for an anthology I was recently invited to submit to, and features characters last seen in “Mordiggian’s Due”, my contribution to Pulp Mill Press’ 2014 anthology, Libram MysteriumI was aiming for around 3k, but ended up with a healthy 4,500 words. Not bad for two days of work. Set in H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands, it finds Amina Algol and her adopted ghoul-siblings, Bera and Arif, stalking a murderous ghost-eater through the ruins of Sarnath.

I also received and completed the first round of edits on Phileas Fogg and the Heart of Osra. Thankfully, there weren’t many, if we’re not counting my seemingly unshakeable habit of randomly switching between US and UK spellings. Sometimes in the same paragraph. I’ve really got to stop doing that.

Anyway, that’s what I’m working on. How about you?