Zibaldone #10: Cemetery Gun

Today’s commonplace book entry…cemetery guns. What are cemetery guns, you ask?

Guns set up in cemeteries, obviously. Along with grave torpedoes and coffin torpedoes. Ostensibly to deter grave robbers and body snatchers, these old-timey sentry guns might also have seen use in the ghoul wars of 1870. What better way to alert watchmen to a creeping ghoul or a corpse-eating werewolf than the sound of said beastie getting a faceful of lead.

Interestingly, this entry has dovetailed with an earlier one, in my mind. In fact, I’ve already started scratching out a rough draft. As night falls on the tomb-city of Ossuary, a gunman named Beckford sits in the dark, listening to rats, and waiting for something to come slinking…

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