Klaxus Will Burn

Klaxus burns. The servants of blood and slaughter caper in the ashes. An army of heroes, reforged and of renewed purpose, run a gauntlet of enemies. And the black rift yawns wide…


From the Black Library site:

In the Tephra Crater lies the city of Uryx, a once-proud bastion now overrun by the Bloodbound. Anhur the Scarlet Lord means to use the city to open a gateway to Khorne’s own realm and drench all of Klaxus in blood. Only Sigmar’s chosen stand in his way – the Warrior Chamber of Orius the Adamantine, one of many fighting a bitter war of liberation in this region. Their quest is a grim one: breach the walls and reach the heart of Uryx to prevent a ritual that will bring about death untold. The hopes of all Klaxus rest on Lord-Celestant Orius – his warriors are many, and heroes all, but to triumph he must defeat not only the forces of Chaos but the demons of his own past…

I talked a bit about this series a few days ago. I don’t have too much more to add, other than to say that I think it reads better collected like this. As I’ve mentioned before, it really isn’t a collection of short stories, so much as a book that was serialized into eight installments.

Looking back on it, I think my favorite part of writing this, besides the insanely bombastic dialogue, was the sheer profusion of characters, all of whom got some sort of exploration, however brief. Some, who, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to write about again, Black Library willing.

Anyway, Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Black Rift is available in hardback and ebook via Black Library.