The Furious Contest of Gork

I’ve got a new book coming out this week, which means a stack of author copies on my desk and nowhere to put them. So it’s contest time once again. Specifically, ‘The Furious Contest of Gork (or maybe Mork)’.


From the Black Library site:

Zephacleas and his Astral Templars have been sent into the wildest regions of the Ghurlands to seek out Gorkamorka, the double-headed god of the orruks and one-time ally of Sigmar in the age before Chaos. However, their search is interrupted in the boneyards of the gargants by the Tzeentchian sorceress Sharizad, who quests for a powerful daemon sword. Aided by the black-clad Sons of Mallus, the Astral Templars must brave the Howling Labyrinth to stop the weapon from falling into the wrong hands – and unexpected allies in this mission might lead them closer to their original goal: meeting the fist of Mork and the fist of Gork.

The Realmgate Wars: The Fury of Gork sees the return of Lord-Celestant Zephacleas and the Astral Templars of the Beast-Bane, last seen in my contributions to War Storm and Ghal Maraz as well as Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Skaven Pestilens. It also sees the introduction of Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork in the first of what will likely be many appearances. I’ll talk a bit more about the book later this week, but for now, all you really need to know is that it involves orruks, ghosts, monsters and shapechanging assassins.

Anyway…the contest. I want you to snap me a picture of your best fully painted Stormcast Eternal, Orruk or Tzeentchian Chaos model. The winner is whichever one I like best. So far, so subjective. I’m offering a brand new, spine-uncracked, signed-by-me copy of the aforementioned novel to the winner, popped in the post at my expense.

Send your pictures to argus33 at hotmail dot com with ‘Gork Contest’ in the subject line. Oh and be sure to let me know if you’re okay with me sharing the photo on the site here, as well as on twitter and such. Last time there were some stunning models entered, and I think it’d be neat to show them off.

Judging starts today and runs until next Friday (the 29th), which means you have a week to send me a photo of your best model, give or take a few hours. The winner will be announced here on Saturday.

Simple enough, right? So what are you waiting for? Get to snapping.

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