Death and Ruin

Death and ruin.  

Death to the dealers of death.

Ruin to the bringers of ruin. 

-War-song of the Beast-Bane

The Realmgate Wars: Fury of Gork is now available from Black Library, and I thought I’d take some time to talk about it. First and foremost, it’s part of the The Realmgate Wars series (number 7, to be exact), which means it’s part of the main narrative, as opposed to a side-story, like Black Rift or Skaven Pestilens.

Zephacleas_sigmarAnd like Skaven Pestilens, it features the Stormcast Eternals of the Beast-Bane warrior chamber. Led by Lord Celestant Zephacleas, the Astral Templars of the Beast-Bane chamber have played a part in the Realmgate Wars from the very beginning. In Aqshy, they aided the Hammers of Sigmar in liberating the crater-realm of Klaxus. They were then called to Ghyran and the Jade Kingdoms, where they fought alongside the Hallowed Knights, until the destruction of the Athelwyrd.

Now the Beast-Bane make war in the wilds of Ghur. Alongside the reptillian Seraphon, they freed the Crawling City of Shu’Gohl from the verminous skaven of the Clans Pestilens. But as greenskin drums sound once more in the Ghurlands, Zephacleas and his warriors are sent to find and make peace with the doubleheaded god, Gorkamorka…

This book was a fun one. Of all the Stormcast characters, Zephacleas is possibly my favorite. He’s a brawler, rather than a tactician, and a near-constant trial to his Lord-Relictor, Seker Gravewalker and his Lord-Castellant, Taros Nine-Strike. A barbarian chieftain before his Reforging, Zephacleas still thinks (and fights) like the man he was, rather than the godly weapon he’s become, hurling himself into the enemy at the head of his warriors. In a way, he’s among the most human of Sigmar’s Chosen.

Perhaps that’s why it’s been his fate to find himself fighting alongside so many of Sigmar’s ancient allies…the Sylvaneth, the Seraphon, and now, the Orruks. Indeed, out of all of Sigmar’s champions, he’s probably the perfect one to send looking for the so-called Fist of Gork

I’d like to write more about Zephacleas and the Beast-Bane in the future, should the opportunity arise, and sales warrant. There are so many stories yet to tell…the Liberation of Fiendforge, the Unification of the Clawtribes, the Search for the Eight Lamentations, the Worm-War, not to mention Zephacleas’ reunion with his old friend, Gardus Steel-Soul

The Realmgate Wars: Fury of Gork is available in hardback and as an ebook. It’s also available as an ultra-swanky exclusive edition, should you feel like splurging a bit.