The Tiger’s Voice

My 2011 Sherlock Holmes story, “The Adventure of the Sultan’s Tiger”, is now available on Audible, courtesy of Radio Archives and Airship 27. The story finds Holmes and Watson attempting to unravel a mystery involving a spectral tiger and the shadow of an old enemy.


From the blurb:

Five new puzzles to challenge the Great Detective and his ever loyal companion, Dr. Watson. Within these minutes they will encounter mythological fairies seeming to plague a beautiful country estate, man-eating tigers on the loose in the streets of London, and a stolen museum mummy.

These are only some of the mysteries awaiting the famous crime-solving duo as penned by today’s most gifted writers: Aaron Smith, I.A. Watson, Joshua Reynolds, and Andrew Salmon.

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, volume 3, narrated by George Kuch, is available from Audible. Give the sample a listen and maybe grab a copy if you like what you hear. It’s available for free with the Audible 30-Day Trial Membership. And if you do pick it up and find that you enjoy it, be sure to check out volume 2 as well, which also includes one of my stories.