Chosen of Gork

The Furious Contest of Gork closed last night at midnight-ish, leaving me with a few dozen entries to sift through. As with the Crawling Contest, they were all uniformly excellent, barring the odd ‘I dipped a white-based orruk in green wash, give me my book’ entry. Which, while I admire the chutzpah, ain’t winning you bupkis, chum. And as before, I sincerely wish I had a few more copies of the book to hand out.

But in the end, as Russell Mulcahy taught us, there can be only one. And that one is…

Karol ‘Malin’ Malinowski!

Congratulations, Karol. You win a copy of my newest Age of Sigmar novel, Realmgate Wars: The Fury of Gork

This was a close one. In the end, it came down to a choice between this fella and an orruk boss by Graham Shirley, but I had to follow the lure of Chaos in this one. It’s an older model (and one of my favorites–I used to have an old Path to Glory warband based around this guy), and nicely converted. Too, the detail work is impressive…the shading, the inking, even the little runic markings on the banner–all fantastic.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to send me an entry. There’s a level of talent and creativity in the Age of Sigmar/WHF community that is just jawdropping. To prove it, I’ll be posting the top four or five entries for the contest up on my Twitter account throughout the weekend, so be sure to check that out, if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on “Chosen of Gork

  1. Thanks Graham! There will be another competition someday, so we might face off one more time 😉 Let the brush, green stuff, glue and paint be with you! Your Warboss was WAAAAGHNtastic!

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