WIP Wednesday #20: In the Boat of Ra

WIP Wednesday is twenty weeks old. How about that?

Today I hit 18k on the current project, which is not quite the halfway mark, but close. This one is going a bit slower than I like, due mainly to having to get used to a new IP, and trying to internalize all of the info that goes with it. I figure I’ll get it down about the time I get done. That’s how it usually goes. Anyway, right now I’m writing about the boat of Ra, time dilation, giant snakes made out of rock and lost cities, so it could be worse.

Over the weekend, I finished my submission for Sharkpunk 2Now I just need to find time to edit both it and my story for the Pulpwork Halloween Special. I’m fairly happy with “The Thunder, His Passing”. I got to work in a pretty neat astral journey sequence, at least, and introduce a new character to the Royal Occultist mythos.

I don’t know if it’s as subtle as I was hoping, however. In fact, I know it’s not. But that’s okay. It’s still a different sort of Royal Occultist story, more in the style of “In the Dark and Quiet” or “Hairy Shanks”…there’s no monster to be defeated, really. It’s about etiquette, more than silver bullets. That sounds weird, I know, but I think it works. We’ll see whether or not the editors agree with me.

Besides that, I took a few days to complete my revisions for the second Novel-With-No-Name. Not so heavy as the revisions to the first, but still substantial enough to warrant setting aside a day or two for them.  It’s probably one of the better books I’ve written, I think. I hope. Or, at least I enjoyed working on it. I haven’t played with some of those characters in a while, and it was nice to get back to them, and pick up where we left off. Hopefully readers will think the same.

I also spent some time writing up some quick pitches for a few things. Nothing I can talk about in any detail, but I’m excited about them–or, whichever of them gets picked up.

And that’s pretty much it for this week so far.

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