Wanderers in Shyish

As a tabletop tie-in writer, it’s always a fine thing to hear that a story you wrote inspired someone to create something spiffy. It doesn’t happen very often with my stuff, but when it does, I like to call attention to it.

Case in point: these fine silver-armored wanderers in the Realm of Death, painted up by one Robert Crouchley, based on characters from the four part audio-drama series I wrote. Robert’s done a fine job of bringing Tarsus and his Bullhearts to the tabletop. A warrior chamber of the Hallowed Knights, these unfortunate Stormcast Eternals were sent to forge an alliance with Nagash, and had the bad luck to get on the Undying King’s bad side.

The four audios–“Prisoner of the Black Sun”, “Sands of Blood”, “Lords of Helstone”, and “Bridge of Seven Sorrows”–are still available for download from Black Library, if you’re interested. Too, there’s a new series of audio-dramas, written by David Guymer, which follows the surviving Bullhearts on their hunt for the treacherous Mannfred von Carstein. And be sure to check out Tyler Mengel’s reviews of the series and its sequel. He’s kindly reviewed all four episodes of the first series and the first two of the second.

Maybe give all that a look-see (and a listen) this weekend. And be sure to stop by The Grand Alliance Community and let Robert know how awesome his stuff is.