The Delphic Bee

Ulthar Press has announced that their newest anthologyCarnacki: The Lost Cases, is now available. An anthology of all-new Carnacki stories, based on the eponymous ‘lost cases’ of the Ghost-Finder, Lost Cases features stories by William Meikle, John Linwood Grant and A.F. Kidd, among others.CLost

From the blurb:

Even Carnacki, the great ‘Ghost-Finder’, himself has cases that he will not speak about. In these 12 tales, we learn the details of those ‘Lost Cases’ that Carnacki talked about only in hushed whispers. Learn the truth behind “The Steeple Monster Case”, the horror of “The Grunting Man”, the creeping terror of “The Grey Dog” and so much more. When you have learned the truth behind these cases, you may find yourself haunted as well!

My contribution, “The Delphic Bee”, fits into my Royal Occultist series, if you take my word for it. It takes place prior to “Monmouth’s Giants” (Carnacki: The New Adventures), in which Thomas Carnacki meets a young Charles St. Cyprian for the first time. In “The Delphic Bee”, Carnacki investigates an apiarian phantasm in darkest East Sussex, and finds himself dealing with both more and less than he bargained for.

Carnacki: The Lost Cases is available in trade paperback, and will soon be available for the Kindle.