Spirits of the Forest

It’s Saturday, and that means Black Library has its preorders up, including Legends of the Age of Sigmar: SylvanethThe anthology includes five stories featuring malevolent forest spirits, dangerous spites and the Everqueen herself, by authors including Rob Sanders, Gav Thorpe, Robbie MacNiven and, well, me. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t be talking about it, now ‘wood’ I?

Get it? ‘Wood’. Because they’re…never mind.


From the blurb:

For an age, the Realm of Life has languished in the grip of Nurgle, the god of pestilence and decay. Overcome with despair, the goddess of life, Alarielle, fell into a state of dormancy, seemingly leaving her children, the sylvaneth, to a dark fate under the oppression of Chaos. No longer. Now, the Queen of the Radiant Wood has awoken in her war aspect, and the sylvaneth heed her call to reclaim their forest kingdoms in all the Mortal Realms. Now is the season of vengeance…

My contributions, “The Resolute” and “The Outcast”, deal with two very different aspects of the Sylvaneth. The first, “The Resolute”, follows the tree-revenant known as Felyndael, Guardian of the Waning Light, as he reluctantly allies with a familiar face from “The Gates of Dawn”/“War in the Hidden Vale”–Aetius Shieldborn, Liberator-Prime of the Steel-Souls–to battle the servants of Nurgle.

The second story, “The Outcast”, features another ancient hero of the Sylvaneth–the malevolent spirit known as Drycha Hamadreth. This one was fun to write. It’s fairly horrific, in spots. Drycha is monster that even the servants of Chaos fear, and for good reason.

Both stories are also linked by their antagonists–the knights of the Most Blightsome Order of the Fly. The debased warriors of this twisted order are a foul mockery of the chivalric heroes of the World-That-Was, devoted to the worship of Nurgle. I had a lot of fun writing these guys. They’re a twisted parody of Arthurian knighthood, worshipping at the altar of despair and disease, rather than courage and mercy. And, hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see them, either during the war in Ghyran, or elsewhere, serving the whims of the Lord of All Things…

Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Sylvaneth is available to preorder in hardback and ebook from Black Library. A softback edition will be available sometime next year.

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